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Brainspotting Consultation and Certification

Consultation is an important part of your process as you build your skills and integrate Brainspotting into your clinical work. Heather will help you build a solid foundation so that you can integrate Brainspotting into your authentic work while pursuing excellence and creativity. She hopes that you will find freedom and permission to live and work in true identity through integrated Brainspotting practice. 


The following services are available:

  • Consultation for Brainspotting Certification

  • Case specific consultation for Brainspotting with developmental trauma, attachment and anxiety, infertility and perinatal loss

  • Consultation to integrate Brainspotting into your practice

  • Peer consultation and learning groups


Feel free to visit the Brainspotting Basics Facebook group Heather created to promote community, safe learning, and professional growth.

Interested in furthering your Brainspotting skills in a group setting? Check out Heather's learning groups

For more information, contact Heather directly at, or by call/text at 317.961.8366.

Heather Harris, MS, LMHC, NCC, PMH-C, brings 20+ years of experience with background in community mental health, which she now defines as trauma work. She is passionate about people, community, authenticity and curiosity. While the nature of her work has required generalities, Heather has worked extensively with people who survive attachment wounds and developmental trauma. She now specializes with attachment and anxiety, as well as infertility and perinatal loss. Heather has worked in private practice for the last decade and more recently built a successful solo private practice near Indianapolis, IN.

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